Why are an increasing number of old players starting to play FIFA MOBILE once more?


League tournament is an interesting and challenging part in FIFA Mobile. Tournaments between two different leagues are called league tournament. League member can level up the league ranking by participating in tournaments to beat another league. So there are many benefits for league members in league tournaments.If you loved this article so you would like to acquire more info with regards to FIFA MOBILE  please visit the web page.We are glad to provide a guide to league tournament to you.

The first step for you to start a league tournament is to enter the game and tap the tournaments panel which we can find easily. After that, we you create a tournament by tapping Find Opponent button. Then you are able to build your team and decide how many and which members in your league you would like to bring to the tournament, generally speaking players with experience and skills, of course. The next step for you is set starters. To build your team, you must need at least 4 members and at most 32 members. When you finish that you are required to tap Start Tournament button.

Now you have built a team. So what following is to find an opponent. You may spend several minutes to find an opposing league but luckily the system don’t require you to stay in the League search screen because it will let you know when an opposing League has been found. League Tournaments last for 24 hours. In 24 hours league tournament members have to play in turn. You can challenge opponent who have a Play icon next to them. The more goals your team scores, the high score your league has. Winner belong to league who scored more goals. During a tournament you can view any opponent’s team as well as see what happened in a turn for all other competitors. You’ll be able to Chat with your League-mates in real time by tapping the Chat button. You can also Chat with the other League, but be careful not to divulge your strategy. Whenever you complete a turn, you’ll earn Coins. When the Tournament ends, you’ll receive Bonus Coins, depending on whether your League Wins, Loses, or Draws. You can see what your Rewards will be by tapping the Rewards button on the Tournament screen.


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