«SHIMKO Gathers Friends» Festival just took place in Belarus in July

Belarus just hosted the 2018 edition of the «SHIMKO Gathers Friends» Festival. This event takes place

every year, in the second half of July, along the waterline of the Islach River. What is this festival all

about? First of all, it is worth mentioning that the festival is organized by Kirill Shimko, a very popular

strongman in Belarus and one of the people that hold a record in the Book of Records. Thus, it seems

only natural for the festival to be about health, music, and family time, being dedicated to these very

important chapters in everyone’s life.

This festival turned out to be a real success even from its first edition. Ever since then, it is constantly

growing and attracting more and more attendees. This year, more than 40 countries have been invited

to take part at the event, through their official delegations, from both the European continent and

outside it. Also, approximately 70 representatives of media, starting with radios and magazines, and

going to TV and news stations, will make sure that those who can’t make it to the festival will still be

able to experience the atmosphere at its location. Also, believe it or not, thousands of people are

interested not just in the festival, but also in a healthier lifestyle, and that is almost 50,000 people.

The producer of the SHIMKO festival, Igor Szucs, stated that everyone involved in the preparation of this

event did their best to make sure that only the most talented people were going to present their

programs at the festival. This way, success will be guaranteed, together with the entertainment of the

audience. What could people see at the SHIMKO festival? Producer Igor Szucs said that the array of

available programs is not just diverse but also enlightening and fun. But, besides this, he said that the

festival represents a great opportunity for numerous economic agents representing a multitude of

brands and companies in the wellness and health domain. To make things even easier, all the

representatives of the countries that participate in the event received a free visa for a period of 5 days.

Thus, people coming from 80 countries, 39 of them being from Europe alone while the rest from all over

the globe, were welcomed in Belarus for this period without a problem.

Those that had the incredible chance of being part of this festival as service or product providers had the

possibility to present their offer to a very high number of potential customers. The economic

environment of the festival was enhanced by the fact that seminars, presentations, and various

meetings took place with the purpose of connecting brands and companies with potential clients. But, of

course, there were sporting events as well, at which the audience was invited to participate. There was

something to do for each person at the festival, starting with adventurers in search of excitement and

adrenaline, to fun activities, fitness, self-defense, and many others.

But the SHIMKO festival is much more than this. It has everything you need to have an enjoyable and

unforgettable time, regardless of your personal needs. Thus, attendees were able to taste delicious

dishes, participate in various contests, like The Biggest Tattoo, Archery, Arm wrestling, Single combat,

Hot air balloon flight, Retro cars exhibition, and many more. There was live music as well, performed by

cover groups very well known in the area, and a section where people can catch their breath and

unwind, with a cup of refreshing tea. All in all, the SHIMKO festival is one of the best you can be if you

are an adept of a healthy lifestyle or if you just want to meet new people and get engaged in a wide

range of incredible activities. And don’t worry if you missed this year’s event, as there’s another one

coming next year.